Jacqueline Carini
(786) 271 3622
Award-winning photojournalist Jacqueline Carini, a native of Milan, Italy, has been living and working in South Florida since 2001. Even as a child, she reveled in looking at the world from different angles and varying shades of light.

Carini’s work as a photojournalist has allowed her to bring a unique sensibility to all of her subjects, which are unusually diverse. Photojournalism, landscape, fashion, nudes, aerial photography, and portraits; she doesn’t limit herself to areas traditionally seen as journalistic. “It’s about really getting a sense of a person or finding something about your subjects that they never saw in themselves.” Carini brings this distinctive vision to all of her subjects- blending light and motion to create powerful images that show her appreciation of life in its many forms.

Carini strives to show this vision and to demonstrate that all of life can be the inspiration for art. “I have always dreamed of capturing and immortalizing everyday scenes,
transforming them into what I consider to be the art of human life”.